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Laurel Brigham

PhD student (BS, UC San Diego).

Research Interests: Species distribution shifts, plant-microbial interactions, climate change, shrub facilitation of subalpine plants. Publications


Cliff Bueno de Mesquita

Postdoctoral Fellow (BA, Middlebury College; PhD, CU Boulder). Co-advised by Steve Schmidt.

Research Interests: Plant-microbial interactions, climate change, distribution shifts, biogeochemistry Website Publications

courtney collins.jpg

Courtney Collins

Postdoctoral Fellow (BS, University of Florida; MS, University of Georgia; PhD UC Riverside). Co-advised by Sarah Elmendorf.

Research Interests: alpine ecology, global change biology, plant-soil interactions, plant species range shifts, soil microbial ecology. Website Publications

Nihan Harman

MS Student (Turkish scholarship MoNE, MS Ankara University)

Research interests: Restoration of arid lands, sustainability, landscape ecology

Julie Larson.jpg

Julie Larson

PhD Student (MS, Oregon State, BS University of Michigan)

Research Interests: Functional ecology, invasion/restoration, seed and seedling ecology, drought and grazing. Website Publications

Tom Merchant

PhD Student (BA Brown University)

Research interests: plant community, ecosystem ecology, and global change, plant-microbial interactions, data science


Isabel Schroeter

PhD Student (NSF Predoctoral Fellow; BS, UC Berkeley)

Research Interests: Riparian restoration, ecophysiology, climate change, citizen science.


Nancy Shackelford

Postdoctoral Fellow (PhD, University of Victoria; MS, Western Australia University; BS, University of Texas)

Research Interests: Ecological resilience, thresholds, restoration ecology. Website Publications


Jane G. Smith

Research Associate (PhD, New Mexico State; BA/BS, CU Boulder)

Research Interests: Botany, alpine flora, ecosystem ecology, soil organic carbon and carbon cycling.


Katharine Suding

Professor (PhD, University of Michigan; BA, Williams College), Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Fellow, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.

S254a SEEC (east campus), C296 RAMY (main campus)


Ashley Whipple

MS Student (BS, Colorado State University). Co-advised by Chris Ray.

Research interests: Population ecology, Pika conservation, landscape ecology, conservation science, climate change, citizen science.


Caitlin White

PhD Student (MS, MPA, Indiana University; BA, UC San Diego)

Research Interests: Rangelands, invasion, drought, data science, analyses of long-term monitoring data

4000 Discovery Drive, Boulder CO 80309-0450